Your Midwife

MotherWise is owned and operated by Lorna Mazoff, Certified Direct Entry Midwife (CDM).  

Lorna has been a midwife for over seven years and has worked in a variety of settings, offering birth 

work at home, birth center, and hospital (as support/doula).  

Lorna began her journey of midwifery, or being “with woman” in 2001.  She was attending the University of Texas at Austin for a degree in music performance, but soon became restless as she felt there was something else she was supposed to pursue.  She began to read any midwifery text she could find, took women’s studies/health classes, and began listening to more stories from her grandmother telling of her great-grandmother who was a midwife to her small community.  Thus, she began her path of midwifery, and though she abandoned her life as a symphonic performance musician, she discovered that midwifery, birth, and music can be beautifully intertwined; for both require an art form of listening and appreciating the moment and what is happening before you.  She believes that birth is an intricate balance between a woman’s emotional and physical states, and her surroundings.  When aligned appropriately, her body and baby labor harmoniously and the experience is joyous, healing and ideal for that family.

Lorna’s studies began through the Association of Texas Midwives midwifery training program.  This is a grassroots program, created by midwives, and included extensive didactic home study and workshops along with a required clinical apprenticeship of at least one year.  She apprenticed for three years total.  Part of her apprenticeship involved an internship in a high volume birth center where she attended over 100 births.  The majority of her apprenticeship was spent with home birth midwives; it is from these amazing women that Lorna learned the skills of patience, listening attentively and utilizing natural remedies to solve common concerns that may arise throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. During her time of study to become a midwife, Lorna was blessed with the birth of her beautiful, lively son, Sage, lovingly born at home in 2003. She graduated the Association of Texas Midwives program and became licensed through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) licensing exam in 2005.  In 2006 Lorna and her son made a big move to Alaska and have been enjoying the raw beauty, wildlife, community, snow (and even the rain) ever since! Lorna worked at The Juneau Family Health and Birth Center for 5 1/2 years before deciding to move on in her path and begin MotherWise, offering home birth to the Juneau and Southeast Alaska community.

Throughout her training and experience as a midwife Lorna has been fortunate to serve women of many different backgrounds.  In her midwifery practice she strives to support and guide women as they make choices toward a healthy pregnancy and a safe, gentle childbirth experience.  Lorna’s intention is to provide a space that allows the mother and family to have their personal experience with the knowledge and safekeeping of a well trained midwife.  Lorna believes that gentle birth is a powerful, yet subtle way to bring peace, joy and harmony into our world, one child at a time.

Contact: Lorna Mazoff, CDM. Tel: 907-209-5871. Email: lorna[at]